Just Culture - safety first!

Just Culture - safety first!

Disponibilizamos um artigo publicado no site da Eurocontrol de interesse relevante para todos os que trabalham na indústria da aviação e em particular para os Associados da APPLA.

Just Culture - Safety first!

“Just Culture” is “a culture in which front line operators and other professionals are not punished for actions, omissions or decisions taken by them that are commensurate with their experience and training, but where gross negligence, wilful violations and destructive acts are not tolerated”.

Over the last few years, EUROCONTROL has championed developments in this crucial safety area through a dedicated EUROCONTROL Just Culture Task Force. Just Culture has become a cornerstone for both the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre and the Network Manager's approach to safety.

Together with IFATCA (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Associations) and ECA (the European Cockpit Association), EUROCONTROL devised and held a special Just Culture course for prosecutors.

EUROCONTROL’s definition of Just Culture has also found its place in the Performance Regulation EC691/2010, updated by EC390/2013, and in Reporting Regulation 376/2014.

EUROCONTROL has just brought in a new Just Culture Policy, one that was agreed by both management and staff, and signed by Director General Frank Brenner at a special Safety Day, held at the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre on 23 September 2014.

Addressing staff, Frank Brenner explained: “When we talk about Just Culture, we think about the legal system and prosecution judiciary taking a rigid and narrow view of safety – seeking to pin blame on an individual or several individuals and, as a result, punishing the individuals for wrong doing. We have concentrated our efforts on changing the approach of the judiciary, so making it easier for people to report problems before an incident or accident occurs without fear of prosecution.

“Operational staff – in fact, all staff – need to feel free to report on safety issues without being worried about any repercussions – not just legal ones. This is one of the themes of a new White Paper that EUROCONTROL is publishing. It is called “Systems Thinking for Safety - Ten Principles”, it contains a lot of very interesting ideas, very much focusing on how safety happens in practice, rather than in theory.”

“20 years ago already,” observed Joe Sultana, Director Network Manager, “there was political pressure, both national and international, to address Just Culture issues. It is apparent that there is a need to obtain reliable safety data to help us circumvent accidents in the future. And there is a distinct need to protect both that data and those who provide it.” Joe Sultana is a champion of Just Culture both inside and outside EUROCONTROL.

“The EUROCONTROL Just Culture Policy will form an integral part of the constitutional provisions of our organisation,” pointed out Jac Jansen, Director of the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre. “For us at MUAC, this is a very important and long overdue building block, where the sharing of good quality information is essential to help us learn and constantly improve.

“Not only is it important that all of us – managers, engineers, operational and support staff – are able to humbly and honestly admit a mistake, but it is also of capital importance to have the legal framework that allows us to do so without fear of terrible consequences for the good of the whole community.”

Hear what other people at EUROCONTROL think about Just Culture in this short video:


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